The Reasons Why Zlatan Ibrahimovic Return to AC Milan is Crucial

One of the news-making moves within the scope of football at the winter transfer of 2020 is definitely the Zlatan Ibrahimovic return to AC Milan. The name Ibrahimovic speaks for itself when it comes to the vast scope of football world. The 38-year-old striker has just been hailed big time by current coach of AC Milan, Stefano Pioli. It is the second return of Ibrahimovic to AC Milan following his time at the club back in 2010/2011 season. That was the time of AC Milan won the league for the last time. Previously at the end of his contract with LA Galaxy he has returned to AC Milan as well. Age is definitely just a number for Ibrahimovic who is now considered to be a role model for the young players of the club according to Pioli.

The signing of Ibrahimovic is in a great need to really help Milan bounce back from its recent fails in winning matches. During his second game after returning to Milan he has made a great impact by making a win to be possible. According to Pioli, Zlatan has been working really hard every day during traiing as well as in the field during matches. Currently Milan is in 8th place of the Serie A table in which that should be improved all alongside the performance of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

It has been a really long journey of Milan without a league win so that the return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic is deemed to be leading to that long awaited Scudetto. According to Inzaghi as a former top player of Milan, the signining of Ibrahimavic is a great move to make for Milan today. He was once played together with Ibrahimovic so that he believed Ibrahimovic will not return to Milan unless he thinks he can make a difference. So it really is okay to hope that Milan will bounce back to the top spot on the league following the Zlatan Ibrahimovic return to the club. He even stated that he will try as hard as possible to change the course of this season for Milan.

Despite the deal of only until the end of this season, there is an option to extend the contract for another year though. His previous appearance with AC Milan for 2 seasons is among the reasons that he is capable of changing the result of Milan in the league. He scored 56 goals within his total of 85 matches during 2010/2011 and 2011/2012 season of Serie A. Aside of getting a Scudetto, the Italian Super Copa was another achievement back then. In total of his time playing professional football he has been spending years with 9 different clubs. Obviously one of them is Malmo Fotbollforening where he started it all. The other 8 clubs are nothing but huge clubs respectively that include LA Galaxy, Manchester United, PSG, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, Ajax, and Milan. He has scored 473 goals of 788 matches for those 9 clubs. agen judi bola

It has been popularly known that AC Milan spent years in a not really great shape. Many of its players were sold to help maintaining the financial matter of the club so that its overall performance started to decline. This season it is getting worse at the beginning so that Ibrahimovic is highly needed upon its high motivation to change things at Milan. Currently Milan has scored only 31 points out of 21 Serie A matches. The number of wins is just 9 while the total number of defeats is 8. With the like of Inter Milan and Juventus to perform really well and consistent, Milan need to start winning to be able to return to the top spot o Serie A.

Just as stated by Pioli, the arrival of Ibrahimovic is set to make impacts within AC Milan in general. Obviously, he will help Milan winning matches by scoring goals in his own to start with. Furthermore, his experience in working with many different payers within different clubs makes it pretty valuable to be shared to young players of AC Milan to grow better. With that in mind hopefully the overall squad of AC Milan will be better to close this season and to start next season with higher optimism. Clealry Milanisti all over the globe has been enjoying Zlatan Ibrahimovic return to Milan.

Concerns Arise over Gambling Giant’s Grasp on Football

Gambling industries in football are now getting attention from the government. Betting industries like bet 365, 1xbet and Skybet take over the broadcasting right of the FA Cup and league, stadium, and other forms of sponsorship. The self-confession of Brian Rice is the wakeup call over the gambling epidemics. Politicians and athletes are calling for the betting industries to limit their exposure to football. Meanwhile, betting industries have been funding the football club away from bankruptcy.

Gambling Industry grasps the football club as sponsor

It would be hard to relinquish the football club dependency from the betting industry. Half of the clubs of the Premier League are funded by gambling industries sponsorship. Even, broadcasting rights and the league itself are sponsored by the gambling industries.

A vivid example is Bet365 Stadium that being home for stoke city. Formerly known as Britannia Stadium, a new stadium naming right agreement change it into Bet365 Stadium in 2016. The name of the stadium itself shows that the British online gambling company had significant in the club as the parent company. daftar agen sbobet online indonesia

Another great example is how the sky bet being the sponsor of the English Football League. Since 2013, Skybet had funded the second-highest English football league after the Premier League. The contract was renewed in 2016, stating that Skybet would be the sponsor of the league until 2024. It would be a challenge to manage the advert ban with that condition.

Betting companies also take control over broadcasting rights. Now, third party streaming companies let people freely live streaming the FA cup since the first deal in 2017. The contract that would last until 2024 asserts the betting company’s position over the football club.

It’s also a common practice for the gambling industry to sponsor by the shirt and sleeve of the football clubs. In 2019-2020 season, T-shirt and sleeve sponsor is filled by numerous gambling industries.

Half of the clubs’ sponsors are occupied by the gambling industries. Numerous clubs like Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Everton, Newcastle United, Norwich City, Watford, Westham United, and Wolverhampton are having gambling advertisement on their shirt. The gambling industry like W88, M88, LoveBet, ManBetx, SportPesa, Fun88, Dafabet,, BetWay, and ManBetX are enjoying the exposure every time the clubs play.

Meanwhile, the sleeves sponsors are also dominated by gambling industries. Clubs like Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Burnley, are having names like BR88, Mansion, and Love Bet printed on the T-shirt sleeve.

Following the concern over criticism of the gambling industry sponsor, Tottenham cut ties with 1xbet. Liverpool and Chelsea followed the same action. That’s easier for the big clubs to get a new sponsor and detach its funding from gambling companies. But for small clubs, it’s a struggle to get a new sponsor that could cash them away from bankruptcy.

Wayne Rooney’s Derby Shirt number

The gambling industry even reaches personal figures for the promotion. Coming back from  DC United, the forward player Wayne Rooney is making a controversial move by wearing 32 Derby Shirt Number. Despite referring to 32Red, the FA let Rooney wear it.

Rooney stated that the number is not important, even 32red doesn’t have the trademark on number 32. Furthermore, the Derby released a statement that Rooney’s wage is paid by the club and not 32red. It’s not clear how much the deal between Rooney and 32 Red, but the gambling industry is surely getting an extra exposure from Rooney shirt. Especially there are also promotional videos and pictures where Rooney wearing the 32red shirt.

Despite being an ‘ambassador’ for 32red, Wayne Rooney told his experience of trapped in debt while addicted to gambling. He started to fall into gambling while he is on his heyday on Manchester United and England National Team.

Luckily, Rooney’s salary raised from fifty-five thousand pounds per week jumped into three hundred thousand pounds. It helps him to get out of the debt trap and get away from gambling. In the promotional video, he encourages people not to fall into the same trap, with a motto “Stay in control”.

Hamilton Accies Boss and his gambling addiction

A different story comes from Scotland. The head coach of Hamilton Accies FC reported himself into the Football Association. Brian Rice confessed that he had broken the rules of gambling for the past seasons. He admitted that he had bet on matches that broke the game’s integrity although his bet doesn’t really involve with his own team, Accies FC.

The Scottish Football Association praised for his honesty and courage. But still, Rice had to face the consequence. a hundred thousand fine and ban of up to 16 matches.

He admitted that confessing to Football association is hard, but telling his family is harder. The father of two sons felt that the crippling gambling habit had made him powerless.

Gambling almost ruined Joy Barton football career

The Brian Rice case reminds about Joy Barton. He found breaking the rule by placing thousands of bets from 2006 to 2013. The 18 moths ban almost get him out of the managerial career, but the ban reduced him into five months, allowing him to get back on the field sooner.

Just a tip of an iceberg

While some number of cases of the renowned figures appear in media, there are more people that trapped in gambling addiction. As the NHS stated, there are more than 400,000 people that are problem gambler and 2,000,000 are at risk. Figures like athletes and managers are prohibited to bet, commoners might have it with less hindrance with greater risk over the gambling addiction.

Many accused the internet of causing the Surge in gambling. Just by using a smartphone, now people could bet on gambling sites as it’s not real money. While the friend and family might be clueless that the closest person struct by gambling addiction.

Former England and Arsenal Captain Calls for gambling awareness

Concerned with the mental health issues amongst the athlete, Tony Adam started a charity clinic. The former Arsenal and England player sees gambling had become epidemic, so he helps people to not being struct by gambling addiction, and helping people to get away from gambling addiction. Sporting chance is not only providing clinical counseling, but also residential treatment, education and training.

Politicians and public figures also realized the danger over the gambling industry’s grasp on football. Campaign to reconsider gambling industry sponsorship over football is arising. The advertisement ban might get an update soon.