The Benefits of Practicing Slowly

How to practice slowlyThere is always pressure on playing the piano with speed and I even catch myself having to slow down.  The best way to slow down was when I started to break down each piece of music that I played into sections.  When I practice I will use a metronome and follow each part of the music on beat.  I have found a few videos that discuss the importance of slowing down and practicing at a steady pace.  Once you have mastery over a piece of music then you can improvise and play with tempos.  If you have any suggestions about what has helped you with your piano playing.

Videos On Piano Practice Tips

This is a great video on techniques for beginners to transition from keys and the difference of posture.  If you change your position you will be able to have more control over your piano playing.  The best posture is always from you relaxing and being in a more natural position.  Once you teach yourself to play in a more relaxed position, poor technique may resolve itself.  Make sure to watch yourself play to see where you are holding the most tension.  I would end up clenching my shoulders and they would end up hurting by the end of each piano lesson.

Angela Hewitt who is an amazing pianist who talks about the importance of slow practice.  I know I discussed it earlier but she addresses the importance of slowing down.  We all get into our heads about making it to the top as fast as possible.  I made this mistake for the longest time.  I would try to rush through things because I was impatient and wanted to get to the end goal.  First, I didn't enjoy playing piano as much.  Also I was more anxious when practicing and performing.  Take a deep breath and enjoy where you are at.

This video is for every musician or even someone trying to accomplish anything in general.  It is taking your end goal and breaking it down into pieces.  After it is broken down you practice it slowly to gain mastery over it.  This advice has paid off in many areas of my life.  If you feel I am off topic or have something to share about slow practice, please post in the comment section below.


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