A Guide for the Easy Way to Learn Piano, or at Least the Best

There are many ways to learn how to play the piano and some are easier than others.  The most important thing to bring up is that you should learn good habits early so you don’t have to unlearn all those bad practices that you have picked up on.  If you don’t learn good posture and proper hand placement, it will get harder down the road to manage playing more difficult music.  Some of the things I recommend are taking a look on how far you want to go and if you are treat this as a hobby, or something that you want to do professionally.

Best way to learn to play easy piano songsThere is great advice on this website for easy to learn piano lessons and guides, but I am not a professional by any means and I recommend picking a subscription or some of the piano lessons on DVD if you are looking for the fastest way to get better at playing.  Is piano easy to learn?  Well I think that setting yourself up with the right tools as well as the right mindset is the first step.  Here are some recommendations:

  1. Making Time to Practice Regularly:  I always prefer setting a smaller portion of time aside every day to get my practicing in instead of spending 2-3 hours on the weekend playing.  It is easier for me to pick up where I left off and muscle memory is developed in my opinion from daily exercise.  It is so much of an easy way to play piano instead of trying to pickup where you left off almost a week ago.
  2. Learn to Read Sheet Music:  Playing piano by ear is great, but only after you have a good understanding of all the clefs, dynamics, and even notations.  There are many good lessons on this website and also some of the services will help you read sheet music for the piano.  This will increase your confidence when you look at harder pieces of music.  There are many good music theory classes out there waiting for you to join.
  3. Take it One Step at a Time:  If you are trying to master a huge piece of music, stick with only a small portion instead of trying to bite off the whole thing.  Once you have all the pieces of the music learnt, you can put them together and play the piece with your eyes closed.  It is a satisfying feeling to have when you have all the details on lock down!  Make sure you don’t play easy piano songs forever.
  4. Get a Teacher or Lessons:  I spent a lot of time with free lessons trying to figure out the piano and I didn’t go very far.  As soon as I put down a little money and bought some real lessons my results sky rocketed.  If you can afford the more expensive private lessons or supplement them with online piano lessons, I would recommend doing both.  Also, join a group of like minded individuals on a forum to keep the passion flowing or find some real life friends that have the same music interest.
  5. Sign Up for a Performance:  This will help you focus more on your craft and get the blood pumping.  An upcoming concert would always give me motivation to practice harder and learn at a faster rate.  Even if it is only for a handful of people, it is work scheduling.
  6. Try to Buy a Piano:  You can score a pretty sweet deal on a decent upright these days and will give you a much better result than a keyboard.  If all you can get is a keyboard, I understand.  You won’t learn the proper touch a piano takes when playing and could lead to struggle down the road.

Some Ways to Learn Easy Piano Songs

It is always good to start off with the basics like learning scales and chords to help you master music on the piano.  A chord is a group of notes played at the very same time. Ok it gets a bit more complex, since the specific notes that are being played figure out the type of chord. Typical chords are generally played with 2, 3, 4, 5 or certainly any number of notes that individuals can potentially play with their hands.

The most popular scale is the C Major scale, you can play this yourself right now. Beginning at the note C and play every white note in succession till you get to the C above the one on which you began.  We will review all of this material throughout this website and have included some easy songs for you to play.  Enjoy!

Youtube Piano Lesson, Mary Had a Little Lamb: