How to Clean and Protect Your Piano and Keyboard Keys

The discoloration and yellowing of one’s piano keys is inevitable. Numerous elements play a component, and a few may be prevented by practicing correct piano care.  An expert ought to usually deal with severely discolored or keys turning yellow. To whiten strained or off color piano keys, adhere to these actions:

How to clean your keyboard and piano keysUse a light buffing motion on only the white piano keys while using a generic white toothpaste that is low in acidity, and adhere to the common key-cleaning suggestions you’ll find beneath!

Next you will get a lightly damped washcloth with milk and wipe away the residue off of the keys, which should dry almost instantly.
Indirect sunlight following a cleaning might help stop your piano keys from discoloration.

Caution: Keyboard keys that are plastic will turn colors if left outside or near a window in direct sunlight so it is always a good idea to purchase a cheap cover online.

Steps to Take When Cleaning Your Ivory Piano Keys

Ivory and Ebony are uncommon and valuable supplies. Replacing keys produced from these materials are extremely tough, costly, and are a labor intensive procedure, so additional caution ought to usually used when coping with them. Suggestions discovered in this short article and also the common key-cleaning post may be safely applied to ivory. Nevertheless, ivory is extremely porous, and instant drying is essential. As well a lot moisture may cause the ivory to turn out to be malformed. Moisture may also go through the ivory, damaging nearby wood and damaging glue.

Suggestions on Whitening Your Piano Keys:

Whitening pure ivory requires patience. Because it’s so porous, stains are deeper and much more tough to eliminate. Strategy on spending a minimum of 20 minutes on every octave (based on severity), and dry every ivory key following a scrubbing.

Lemon juice is occasionally suggested to clean ivory, but milk is really a far much better option. Ivory is basically dental bone, and acidic lemon juice can harm your keys over time; milk’s calcium and fatty acids assist and shield it.
For stubborn stains, you are able to buy an ivory scraper. Speak to an expert prior to utilizing this tool; not just are you able to destroy your keys due to misuse, but you’ll need to eliminate the keys to get a thorough cleaning (which ought to only be carried out by a licensed technician).

Do I have Piano Keys that are Pure Ivory?

Cleaning Your Ivory Piano KeysIf you’re questioning if you have keys that are ivory, look closely to see an extremely small, vertical split on the keys. Ivory is molded with each other, and keys produced out of other supplies won’t have this separation. Ebony may be identified by its matte texture, and can possess a strong dense feel to it.

How you can Clean Piano Keys

Piano keys turn out to be soiled more and more over time, and there is no question why this occurs. Oils from skin and also body sweat assist dirt and dust to stick to keys, and often utilized notes are particularly susceptible when the surface starts to wear. The keys pores will easily absorb everything that is in contact. Washing your hands prior to playing is really a large assist, but there’s no surefire method to totally steer clear of lackluster keys. Fortunately, you will find some tricks for restoring their brilliance. To make sure your piano keys stay clean, make use of the following suggestions, but keep in mind: playing with clean hands can stop future headaches.

Suggestions for Cleaning Piano Keys:

Steer clear of store bought chemical substances or furnishings polish. They are as well abrasive, and may result in discoloration as well as some strange textures. The best thing to pick up is distilled water and a very mild soap. What I recommend using to clean your piano keys are soft clothes like a chamois or a cheesecloth. Never use something like paper towels to clean your piano! Make sure not to over-soak your clothes and clean towards you. Wiping side-to-side can permit moisture to seep in between keys and trigger harm.
Clean 1 octave at a time, and let them dry instantly prior to moving onto the following octave. Steer clear of colored cloths that might bleed when moistened. Colors can effortlessly transfer onto the white keys, causing a discoloration that’s extremely tough to remedy.
Usually use separate cloths on black keys, or merely clean them at the end. Paint or dies in the black keys or unseen dirt may be transferred onto the ivories so be careful.

How you can Disinfect Piano Keys

Disinfecting your piano keys is crucial throughout cold and flu season, particularly in the event you share an instrument. Make use of the following suggestions to disinfect your piano keys:
By no means use well-liked spray disinfectants on your piano keys. They destroy the texture permitting for additional harm, and may be carried by air onto other delicate components or surfaces.

Disinfect keys using a mixture comprised of three components filtered water to 1 component with white vinegar, utilizing the common cleaning suggestions talked about above.

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