Tips All Piano Players Need to Know

Piano Tips to Get You StartedEveryone has different tips that you need to know when you first start off playing the piano.  Some tips work for some while others need something else in the beginning.  I have put together some videos that I find helped me through my piano playing.  These tips still work today in my life and I use them while practicing or have internalized them.  I may have missed a crucial tip that you might find the most useful, please share in the comments below me and join the community.

How to Practice Piano and Where to Begin


One of the first things to talk about is how you practice the piano.  In the beginning of my piano playing career, I would only practice on the weekends because I was busy during the work week.  I would have a hard time picking up where I left off and my muscle memory wasn't nearly as good as it could be.  I then made changes to my schedule and made time during the week.  My piano playing skills increased considerably over a small amount of time.  It will be a good idea to examine your practice time and the pieces of music that you select.


This is a wonderful video that will teach you how to relax your piano playing.  When playing the piano we have a tendency to tense up and push down on the piano keys.  These exercises will help you use gravity to play the piano instead of using force.  These tips may seem silly but are worth trying!


The last video teaches you the piano technique for five finger exercise.  It will help you reduce overlap in your playing as well as how to touch the piano keys.  This will help with your piano tone and to learn good habits in the beginning.  Nothing is harder than unlearning bad habits later down the road.

Final Thoughts On Easy Piano Tips

I have included some videos below as well to give you a general idea of what most students included me have struggled with and that will help you as a pianist.  If you have some additional tips, please include some feedback in the comment section.  It all comes down to the community here and we can all give each other feedback.  Happy piano playing!

Youtube Videos on Piano Playing Basics:


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